A Little About Me:

I have been doing web development, mainly as a front-end developer or team manager since 1998. Before then I was a software quality assurance engineer/manager at Apple, SuperMac, and Liquid Audio. The majority of the websites I have worked on prior to 2011 have been Java/JSP or WordPress sites, some PHP, Ruby/Rails, and Drupal sites as well. I’ve been a web developer at Yahoo!, Gap, Inc., Guru.com, Timbuk2.com, and Williams-Sonoma.

In August 2015 I earned a Masters of Arts in visual studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art. I have always been interested in the collision of art and technology and my studies there helped sparked my interest in combining the two.

Having graduated, I peaked my head up out of my critical theory papers and discovered JavaScript had taken over the web. I’m now working in a variety of frameworks/stacks with a lean towards React/Node, Django/Python, Vue, and WordPress/PHP. I’m platform agnostic. I believe the right platform/framework/technology is the one that best fits the needs of the customer, the developers, and the sales/marketing needs and objectives. In the last couple years I’ve helped several marketing teams move to new stacks that fit their needs better. I love researching stacks and enjoy pairing technologies with teams. I like to think I’m a stack matchmaker.

I am currently an adjunct Professor at Portland State University where I teach an Interactive Media course in the School of Art + Design. This course teaches designers how to design and code static webpages using HTML, CSS, and JQuery. I am also a mentor and grader at Thinkful/Bloc, an online coding bootcamp. I support both the development and design tracks.  We teach React, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Postgres. I love online learning. I eat javascript tutorials for breakfast.

Writing Projects

Tech Gender Gap: I spent some time researching the state of the tech gender gap and wrote this article which was picked up by austinstartups.com