Supported and maintained marketing website for Qadium in React/Redux. Researched and advised Marketing and Engineering teams on new stack options that would better serve both departments by easing the workload of the app team and allowing marketing team to have more autonomy over the marketing site. Moved them to a custom WordPress site on Pantheon.


BusinessBlocks is an education company focused on small businesses and their success. Over half a million new businesses are created every month. Unfortunately, 50% of them will fail in 5 years. BusinessBlocks provides modern business education and support for small businesses and helps them to succeed against these odds. I joined BusinessBlocks as a remote…

Verge PDX

Verge PDX is my curatorial side project. All aspects of Development design, and marketing are done by me. Developed verge website in Ember.js using ember-bootstrap and ember-lightbox. Verge is a curatorial platform and artist marketing service located in Portland, Oregon. Verge manages regularly rotating art shows of emerging artists in Portland businesses. The site is…

Jolene Kelley

Jolene Kelley is a Craniosacral Therapist in Portland, OR. She hadn’t updated her site in several years. Her previous site was not responsive and while it did a good job of delivering information, it needed a refresh. Jolene was also frustrated that she was unable to update the site other than adding and editing posts…

Singlebound Creative

Web development, user experience design, and site maintenance. Clients include Men’s Wearhouse, Blanc & Otus, The Nature Conservancy, Mig33, Ztail. Technologies: CSS, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP. Experience with transforming Photoshop and Illustrator designs into template systems including Drupal, vBullentin, and Tyepad.

Button Consignment

Designed and developed custom WordPress template for Button Consignment, a North Portland consignment shop. Created social media campaigns and SEO including Google Analytics, adding them to local google map listings, and Yelp reviews. Added Instagram integration to their site so they can create new posts from their phones.


Created marketing page in CSS/HTML/Javascript for Zwingit Social Media iPhone App. The page was hosted on AWS and had video embedded within the page design. Site design by Andi Planteberg.

House of Bagels

Created customer WordPress template for House of Bagels website. Site was designed by Andi Plantenberg.

West Elm

I was the sole presentation-layer developer for the West Elm website from June 2008 through July 2010. My duties included regular updates to the site templates, additions of new shop sections, regular press releases, and news. I launched dev and live builds. When I arrived at Williams-Sonoma, was on a WebSphere platform. I helped…

Timbuk2 Designs

Involved in a multi-tiered redesign of the Timbuk2 ecommerce website. Involved in all aspects of the site from design to development with an emphasis on the Front End. Created content, photos and graphics. Created color overlays for bag photos using Photoshop. Chopped and created graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. Coded site templates and created file…