West Elm

I was the sole presentation-layer developer for the West Elm website from June 2008 through July 2010. My duties included regular updates to the site templates, additions of new shop sections, regular press releases, and news. I launched dev and live builds. When I arrived at Williams-Sonoma, westelm.com was on a WebSphere platform. I helped migrate the site to Java/JSP. My role demanded expert knowledge of CSS, HTML, JSP, and Javascript. Maintained a bug database, software version control, development and production environments.

I worked very closely with the producer on creating marketing campaign and A/B tests using Omniture (now part of the Adobe Analytics Suite). I improved shopping cart retention rates by adjusting and simplifying the Checkout path. I delivered regular sales reports through Omniture and was available 24/7 to launch new builds, troubleshoot any site outages or fix critical bugs.